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Orthodontic appliances have evolved- today you have more choices than ever to find a treatment option that meets your needs.


Traditional braces, which may be metal or constructed of a tooth-colored/clear material, can successfully and quickly treat a broad variety of issues. Because of their smaller profile, today’s braces are significantly more comfortable than their predecessors. Braces gradually shift teeth into the right position by applying a consistent, mild force in a precisely regulated direction.

Custom Braces

Custom braces differ from traditional braces, which are one size fits all. Custom braces are 3D printed for your exact tooth shape, size, and position. Dr. Patel digitally plans the ideal position of each bracket for the optimum movement of each tooth. The tailored-nature of these braces allow for a more targeted and faster treatment with excellent results. We’re excited to be able to recommend esthetic LightForce brackets for many of our patients, including both teens and adults with a variety of orthodontic needs.

Clear Aligners

We provide transparent aligners to people who want a removable solution that fits with their lifestyle. Because they are removable, you can eat, drink, brush, and floss with ease! Clear aligners use a one-of-a-kind sequence of aligners designed just for you. These aligner trays, which you wear over your teeth, are comprised of smooth, soft, and almost undetectable plastic. Wearing the aligners will gradually shift your teeth into position following the specific adjustment instructions that Dr. Patel has planned for you.

Early Interceptive Treatment

In children, teeth and jaws are in a constant state of development. Early Interceptive Treatment takes advantage of that by encouraging the eruption of adult teeth in the proper orientation and the correct bite relationship. Dr. Patel encourages parents to have their children evaluated by age 7 to see if their child may benefit from early interceptive treatment.


After you’ve worked hard to get the smile you want, it’s important to maintain that smile with retainers in every case. Retainers come in a variety of styles ranging from visible to clear and fixed to removable. Depending on your lifestyle, your needs, and the type of treatment you had, Dr. Patel will discuss your options for retainers and help you make the right choice for your situation.

Serving Children, Teens, and Adults

Our orthodontic treatment requirements fluctuate as we advance through life’s stages. At any age, Dr. Patel will work with you to understand your treatment objectives and come up with your optimal plan using her experience and expertise.

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